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Co-founders Joanne Gutek & Suzan Windnagel

Co-founders Joanne Gutek and
Suzan Windnagel

Circle of Friends was founded in 2009 in Lafayette, Indiana, by Joanne Gutek and Suzan Windnagel.

We believe that:

  • People with memory loss have the capacity to learn and grow and often need only a small amount of encouragement to express themselves through the arts.
  • Friendly and supportive group settings are essential for retaining social communication skills and a sense of community.
  • Caregivers who receive information, support, and respite are able to care for a person at home longer, while preventing their own illness and premature death.
  • Every person's sense of self and value should be nurtured and celebrated.
  • Community-based, non-pharmacologic programs and practices can be the lead in maximizing the well-being of persons with memory loss resulting in positive effects on health care policy and public funding of care.
  • It is essential that we eliminate society's fear of and the social stigma surrounding memory loss and dementia.

If you have thoughts, comments, or questions, we would love to hear from you. Contact us at:

Suzan Windnagel

Joanne Gutek





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