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Featured in the Journal and Courier
J&C.9.21.2010The new Brainbuilders group for women was featured in a wonderful article in the Lafayette Journal and Courier. The J&C has given us permission to post the entire article on our website. Check it out!

Artists at work and play

Artist with easel, artist holding childThe Art & Lunch program always brings surprises. Although a general topic is offered for discussion, it seems we veer off into colorful conversation about bugs, odd animal behaviors and military service. At least the hot chocolate and coffee are predictable.

We learned that our sales at the recent art fair netted $392. So we have a stash of cash to cover art supplies. Today brought the return of painting on tote bags, our newest experiment. With a wry smile, artist Ted accuses us of running a sweatshop. Department of Labor hold your ears. Regardless, the results are stunning.

Pictured in photo: Artist Cliff demonstrated easel painting with corresponding success. He celebrated by laughing and playing with one of our smaller volunteers.

First Art Fair nearly sold out

Group at 2008 Art FairOur egos have been pumped up! Shoppers who braved cold and snowy weather to get to the Art Fair at the Unitarian Universalist Church in West Lafayette snapped up our art work. There were a mere 18 individual cards remaining after the final tally was taken. Proceeds from the sale will buy new art supplies including tote bags for a new line of products.

Pictured in photo: artists Bob, David, and Jack along with their spouses were available for "meet the artist" time at the fair. Also pictured: group founders Suzan Windnagel and Joanne Gutek.






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