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Travis DavisonWe'd like to tell you how Circle of Friends got started. In order to do so, we'd like to tell you about Travis Davison...

Travis Davison began making friends at an early age.....and he gathered hundreds over his life.  He nurtured these friendships in a way that was an inspiration to all of us.  Family and friends were his most precious “possessions” and he honored them by sharing his time and talents generously.  Trav was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease at age 52 and rather than limit his friendship building, many new people came into his life, especially through support groups, advocacy events and musical venues in the San Francisco Bay area (where he grew up) and in West Lafayette, Indiana where he moved with his wife, Suzan, in 2004.

One new friendship added soon after arriving in Indiana was with Joanne Gutek at Purdue Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences department.  She and many students assisted Trav in maximizing his cognitive and language skills well into the late stages of Alzheimer’s disease.  After many a hallway discussion about the need for creative, therapeutic activities as well as caregiver respite, Suzan and Joanne developed the Brainbuilders Men’s Group and Circle of Support group.  So in true Trav style, we are building more circles of friendships... and finding ways to widen the circle everyday.

Thanks Trav.  Your spirit is with us and with every circle, every day.



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