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Art activitiesCircle of Friends offers four weekly programs. Learn more about these programs below. Attend one session as guest to find out if Circle of Friends is right for you. Fees are reasonable and some scholarships are available.

5/6/2011— The Brainbuilders Wednesday Group and caregiver support group have two openings for the summer and fall sessions. For more information, contact Anne Marie Kubat (Women's Group) at 765-494-3809 or Suzan Windnagel (Support Group) at 765-714-6173 or

Brainbuilders Men's Group
Tuesdays 10:00-11:30am
University Place, West Lafayette

The purpose of the weekly men's group is to maximize thinking, memory, and communication in a social setting. We believe that function is improved by capitalizing on preserved cognitive and language abilities.

Activities include creation of a photo lifestory book, cognitive exercises and art. There is also special time for socializing with other participants and family members.

Circle of Support Group
Tuesdays 10:00-11:30am
University Place, West Lafayette

The Circle of Support, a weekly support meeting for spouses and other caregivers, is offered at the same time and same location as Brainbuilders Men's Group. Caregivers can be more relaxed and engaged in group discussions because they know their family member is close by and involved in enjoyable activities.

Education and support for family is critical for maintaining well-being and managing the ever changing demands of caregiving.

Brainbuilders Wednesday Group & Circle of Support
The Center @ Jenks Rest, 1915 Scott Street, Lafayette (near Columbian Park)

For women and men experiencing memory loss spend time with Speech Language Science students while caregivers attend a support group.

Circle of Art & Lunch Program
Thursdays 10:00am-12:30pm
Unitarian Universalist Church, 333 Meridian St, West Lafayette

Art & Lunch is offered weekly for area men and women diagnosed with memory loss/cognitive decline. The art activities are tailored to each person's interest level, are relaxing and a wonderful way to express onself. No previous art experience is necessary.

Each session includes frequent breaks and other group activities and time to socialize. This program also offers caregivers independent time for whatever they choose to do, including rest!

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